Co-curricular Activities

Online Quizzes

Online quizzes are a popular form of assessment in modern education. They provide an efficient and convenient way for teachers to evaluate students' understanding of course material. Online quizzes also allow for immediate feedback, which helps students learn and retain information more effectively.

In-house Publications

"At Jannat Academy, we produce our own academic materials and literature known as In-house Publications. These publications are tailored to our curriculum and reflect our Islamic values, providing students with excellent academic resources that promote a love for learning."

Performing Nasheed & Naat

"Nasheed and Naat training is an integral part of Islamic education that fosters a deeper connection with faith through devotional music. At Jannat Academy, we offer expert guidance and training in Nasheed and Naat to help students develop their skills and express their love for Allah and the Prophet (PBUH)."

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